Craig- Founder/ Director/ Youth Worker/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Craig has been a Youth Worker for the past 6 years working with young people from a range of diverse backgrounds across Coventry and Warwickshire.  Craig has personal experience of being a young person disengaged from education, supporting him to understand the challenges young people may face. Craig has recently graduated from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Youth Work.  Craig also won the award ‘Excellence in Youth Work’ from Coventry University.  Craig is extremely passionate about working with young people, supporting individuals to develop skills, flourish and reach their full potential. Craig’s favourite food is curry.  Fun fact, Craig once cooked alongside celebrity Chef, James Martin.

Davina- Director

Davina has worked with hard to reach young people for over 30 years, including young people with mental health issues and young people who sexually offend. Davina has worked all over the UK and in Wales. Davina is very passionate about giving young people from all walks of life a platform to be heard. Davina has several interests in America and Africa and young people who are missing or being trafficked, and how American gang culture influences British gang culture. Fun fact, Davina did white water rafting in American Rockies.

Jayne- Project Worker/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jayne has worked with children in school settings for a number of years and has worked with young people in the community. Jayne has supported young people with a number of issues, including mental health issues. Jayne has personal experience of being disengaged from education and understands the challenges that young people face and the barriers to education. Jayne has a Foundation degree in work with communities and young people qualification along with an Award in Education and Training and Support Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification. Jayne’s passion is youth work, to enable young people to have their voice, be heard and supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes. Jayne’s favourite food is steak. Fun fact, Jayne was once on television on the Disney Club.