Positive Impact for Young People CiC are a not for profit youth organisation, offering exciting, engaging and educational alternative provisions and youth clubs in Warwickshire.  Positive Impact for Young People CiC are committed to ensuring the welfare and safeguarding of all young people.  Our staff are highly qualified and have the experience and knowledge to support young people reach their full potential and re-engage young people into Education, Employment and Training.

Positive Impact for Young People CiC are committed to creating a culture of safeguarding within our organisation, ensuring young people are listened to and always heard.  To read our safeguarding policy please click on the tab above.

Our mission is to provide young people with invaluable life skills through one to one and group work to support their development into adult life, no matter of their background, making a Positive Impact for Young People.

Our Values

  • We value young people because they are central to our goals.
  • We value young people’s voice because we will give them a platform to be heard.
  • We value young people because they can teach us to understand their point of view.
  • We value young people from diverse backgrounds because they can teach us about equality and diversity.
  • We value the impact of Youth Work

Throughout all of our exciting, engaging and bespoke provisions and projects, our qualified and skilled Youth Workers use a Positive Youth Development concept which is core to our work.  Using a strength based approach, to support young people and giving them the opportunity to
engage in education, employment or training, which will enable new and transferable skills and flourish as individuals.  By focusing on developing young people’s developmental assets (Shown below), allows young people to thrive.  If you want to know more about how we deliver this concept, please get in touch.